Friday, 27 April 2012

Spring cleaning my diet

After indulging at Chritmas and then helping my son work his way through his Easter eggs on a daily basis, I decided my diet needed a bit of spring cleaning. Lots of foods had crept in, that aren't particularly healthy or patricularly beneficial to my training. Some foods that have found their way in because I haven't taken the time to plan ahead. The more sweet stuff I eat, the more of a sweet tooth I get. This then leads to worse choices on a daily basis.

Below are the swaps that I have made to get back into good habits:

  • Out with the White Bread and in with the Wholemeal bread / Rye bread
  • Out with the sugary cereal and in with the gluten free porridge
  • Out with the pasta and rice and in with the brown rice pasta and sweet potato
  • Out with any processed meats and in with the preferably organic/unprocessed meat
  • Out with the tea and in with the filtered water
  • Out with the chocolate and biscuits and in with the seed bars and apples
One thing I have added in, is so much more green veg and I have got back into the habit of eating a couple of avocados a week. My veggies have been consisting of mainly spinach, green beans, broccoli and sugar snap peas.

I must say, my sweet tooth has almost dissapeared. One week of cutting the processed food out and the sugar addiction virtually goes. My energy feels better, my training is going well and I feel less sluggish. When you start to eat a little leaner, your body will detox the rubbish that you have been putting into your system. It's only when you eat something like this again can you taste the added sugar. It is very easy to turn your taste buds off. Bring them back to life with real, natural food and feel the energy come flooding back.


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