Friday, 13 April 2012

Pre-Fatigue/Pre-Exhaustion Training Follow Up

After incorporating the Pre-Fatigue/Pre-Exhaustion principles of training into my own weights session it is safe to say they have definitely shaken things up for me.
Week one
Week one left me feeling more motivated in my training, as you always should following any structured change in your routine. More importantly following the change I knew I had begun working hard again feeling physically challenged after the sessions. As expected, when training for Hypertrophy (development of muscular tissue), I have felt a little stiff/sore post training and I would definitely recommend allowing yourself time for a thorough stretch after your workouts. I also found a swim and a sauna substantially helped my recovery time in week one and two although not essential.
Week two
Week two is where the training really came into its own. I found that performing the two exercise back to back (totalling between 20-25 reps) much easier and although still pushing hard in my sessions the previously experienced stiffness was minute compared with week one. I modified the training routine slightly after working through week one as some exercise I had put together didn’t work quite as well as I had hoped. Whilst following a plan and Periodization of training are important when something isn’t working a simple substitute of exercise is far more beneficial.
Moving forward
Like anyone aiming to progress in there training, no matter what the goal, structured change is key! After another minimum of four to maximum of six weeks it will be time to refresh my routine and focus on the next stage of my training. Knowing this provides a great sense of focus and direction helping motivate me in every session I have. Whenever training I know I only have a maximum of four-six session left performing my current workout and always endeavour to make each session better than the last.

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