Thursday, 7 July 2011

Morning Runs for Fat Loss

Morning Runs for Fat Loss

I have just recently started to add early morning runs into my training regime and wanted to take the time to briefly discuss some of the benefits of incorporating this additional aspect into your individual training schedule. I am personally including them for a number of reasons;
  • Running outdoors can be done anywhere from any base so it leaves you flexible depending on your job and changing hours. For example; you could run a circuit from your house before work, run to work or travel to work and then run.
  • I prefer to run outdoors and with the extremely hot weather we are experiencing it can be quite hard to push yourself in the heat of the day. The early morning slot however avoids the majority of the heat allowing you to have a good run as the sun comes up.
  • Space and tranquillity are often aspects overlooked when exercising. I really enjoy having some time to myself when no one else is up and I find I always feel far less stressed at the start of the day following my 20 minute blast.
  • By getting up early and exercising straight away it helps your body's metabolism to kick in sooner and faster than it would compared to normal. This done every morning will in turn lead to a substantial amount of energy burnt within a week.
  • By choosing to get up and run before you shower and eat means you will only have to add the twenty minutes to your wake up time. This is because the majority of people will have an early morning shower before work/school anyway.
  • You are also more likely to eat a nutritious breakfast after your run instead of skipping it all together which is key in any fat loss programme.

I personally choose to get up, have a coffee when needed, and go straight out for my 4k run without thinking about it. I find this approach stops you talking yourself out of it and heading out when you are still a little sleepy is the perfect way to wake up as by the end of the run I feel completely awake and energised. Upon return a shower to completely awaken me and I am ready for a healthy breakfast. 

Make sure when exercising early morning, especially if you are still waking up, you are always aware of your surroundings, where you are running, traffic and leave information regarding where your planned route goes. If your fitness levels don’t currently allow you to run then you can always exchange the exercise for another which raises your heart rate up so you feel you’re working at about 75% of your maximum ability.

For more information please contact the fitness team.

Good Luck

Dan Byrne.

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