Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Benefits of exercise for young people

There are many benefits of exercise for young people.  At a young age it is important to keep active.  This will help you remain healthy through your youth and into later life!
Why exercise?
·       Self Confidence
·       Increased Cardiovascular Fitness
·       Better Physique
·       Lower Heart Rate
·       Better Moods
·       Stress Relieving
Ways to exercise
Finding it hard to fit in a gym session between studies? There’s lots of ways to keep active throughout out the day.  Some of these can be:
  • Take a walk around the playground. If you have time during your breaks at school or college take a walk around the playground.  Even 10 minutes a day will have an effect on your physical health. 
  • Change the way you get there.  If you don’t live far away, swap the bus or car for a walk or even a bike.  This again will have health benefits. It’ll also save you some money!
  • Motivate yourself. You may have to get up earlier or miss your favourite television programme, but realistically during your day there will be at least a 30 minute slot where you can fit a workout session in, whether that is a run around the block or a workout at the gym!