Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Top tips for improved sleep

Many of us struggle with a good nights sleep. Some people simply cannot drop off while others toss and turn all night. I have included some useful tips to help improve your sleep below. Try them and see if it helps you get your 8 hours!

1. Fill out a grateful log:

Right down a list of things you are grateful for in life. Do this while in bed and simply use a notepad. Start every sentence with "I am grateful for" or "Thank you for". This creates positivity and will help calm the mind. For many us, the mind will be racing while we try to get to sleep, with the list of things we need to do or general worries. This can make us very anxious. If you realise how much you appreciate in life, this can be a great relaxant. This technique can produce dramatic results.

2. Stay away from sugary foods before bed.

Consuming anything high in Carbohydrates just before bedtime will spike blood sugar levels and keep you awake.

3. Keep all lights off.

Turn off any night lights. Even the standby light on the T.V. Light stimulates the retina and can in turn disrupt your natural sleep patterns. If you have kids, turn off their night light 30 minutes after they fall asleep. This will improve the quality of their sleep too.

4. Supplement with magnesium.

A large number of people are deficient in magnesium due to poor soil quality. This is mainly due to fertilisers, pesticides etc. Magnesium is great to lower stress levels. My sleep levels have improved dramatically since supplementing in the recommended daily allowance.

5. Stretch in the evening.

Completing a series of stretches for all the major muscle groups is another form of relaxation for the body and mind.