Thursday, 27 April 2017

Five ways to improve your running

Many people think that in order to improve your running you just need to put in the miles. To a certain extent this is true and practice can make perfect. There are, however, many other things you can do to help improve your running, whilst reducing the likelihood of injury, without pounding the pavement every day.

1. Strength

By putting together a programme that focuses on the lower body and core, you can strengthen all the muscles that you use whilst running to improve your speed and stamina.

2. Mobility and Stretching

By making sure your joints and muscles are as supple and mobile as possible, your movement will become much easier. This will not only improve your stride but also help you to avoid injury.

3. Hills

If you have less time to train and can’t get in the long run you wanted, find yourself a hill and run up and down it. It sounds simple but hill training is extremely effective as it trains the forward running motion to the next level. When you are back on the flat you will feel like you are flying along and when it comes to hills you will hardly notice the climb as you will be so used to it.

4. Intervals

Short intense bursts followed by a resting jog/walk which can be done in time or distance. By using intervals and training over and above the speed you are used to, your heart and lungs will become more efficient and your stamina will improve over time.

5. Multidirectional Drills

Training in all directions gives you more well-rounded strength. Improving your strength all-round will not only improve your stride but also help you to avoid injury.


For any further help or guidance please come and speak to a member of the gym team who will be happy to help.