Thursday, 30 June 2011

Drop Sets For Strength & Endurance

Drop sets are one of many ways to improve strength and muscular endurance and more importantly help to inject some change into you work out if you have been making less progress than normal. Its main benefits focus on working your extremely hard helping to build better muscle endurance and strength. You may also find training with drop set keeps your heart rate up as the work period is longer than normal set and the cardiovascular system will benefit as well.

The basic principle involves starting with a weight which enables you to perform between 8-12 repetitions to near failure for the first set. As you work through the weight will be reduced each successive time allowing the same amount of reps if not more to be completed.

Example of a drop set with Barbell chest press
(tip: make up the total 100kg weight with a variety of different plates. 20kg bar / 2x15kg plates / 4x10kg plates / 2x5kg plates )
  • 100kg for 8-12 reps. NO REST 
  • Finish the 8-12 reps & take 1x10kg plate+1x5kg plate off each side
  • 70 kg for 8-12 reps. NO REST
  • Finish the 8-12 reps & take 1x10kg plate+1x15kg plate off each side & add 1x10kg plate back on
  •  40kg for 8-12 reps. NO RESTFinish the 8-12 reps & take recovery
You use this technique with any exercises you want to but make sure you rest 1-2 minutes between sets to insure a proper recovery if you can get a partner to change the weights for you to ensure it is done quickly and you can continue to focus.

For more information on drop sets and there benefits please do not hesitate to contact the fitness team.

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