Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Pre-Fatigue/Pre-Exhaustion Training

If you have found yourself stuck doing a the same weights routine for over six weeks I would strongly recommend trying a few weeks of pre-fatigue/pre-exhaustion training. Not only will changing your routine provide a "fresh" stimuli causing your body to keep adapting but it'll also help  keep you motivated with your training.  

Pre-fatigue/pre-exhaustion is a tough way to train really overloading the muscles so expect to feel a little sore after the first one or two workouts. The principle involves performing one isolation (single joint) exercise directly before a compound (multi joint) exercise. This results in the agonist (main muscle) of the compound movement being thoroughly worked. 

Quads (leg) example:
Exercise 1: Leg extension 15reps
Exercise 2: Leg Press 10reps

The weight is set so that you work to failure for the 10 or 15 repetitions.
 The first exercise is followed directly by the second.
A rest period is taken only after both exercises have been completed.

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