Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Testosterone & Oestrogen Effects on Training

In this modern day people have a variety of training goals with the majority based around making a change to overall fitness, aesthetics and health. Male or female, increasing ones percentage of lean muscular tissue is a crucial step taken to reducing body fat and improving overall health. As with most things these days’ people often want results as quickly as possible and individuals often ask: “What is the fastest/best training programme for fat loss?”, “How many times a week should I train?”, “What is the best nutrition/diet plan to increase my muscle size quickly?”, “How many grams of protein and carbs should I be eating a day?” These questions are all perfectly valid and of course specific training/nutrition bring about specific results. There are however other key components that will lead to a big big difference in the amount of lean muscle you can gain.
Testosterone is one of these components and it plays an extremely important role in building muscle, fat metabolism, increasing energy levels not to mention improving ones sex life. Having high levels of testosterone will boost virility, vitality, strength, power and energy and if you have consistently low levels of testosterone it may inhibit your performance in the gym.  Testosterone levels also naturally decline from about the age of 27 as well so, this article makes for even more important reading to individuals above this age. Although testosterone is fundamentally the male sex hormone females do also produce it on a much smaller scale. This is why women tend to possess less muscle and more body fat then men. These days both men and women tend to have inhibited their testosterone levels through the pressures of our ever modernised lifestyles
So with the above taken into consideration you’re now probably asking yourself “How do I know if I have low levels of testosterone and how do I fix it?” Having your testosterone levels measured accurately will involve having to have blood tests taken by a medical professional, but some other good indicators can be struggling to reduce body fat, low energy levels and low sex drive.
Here are some basics ways to improve testosterone production and help them keep levels healthy:
  • Avoid processed and refined foods.
  • Eat a variety of nuts.
  • Ensure you consume omega 3 in your diet.
  • Eat healthy saturated fats in moderation.
  • Perform regular heavy weight training
  • Perform high intensity interval training.
  • Limit your workouts to 45-60 minutes.
  •  Get 20 minutes of sunlight per day.
  • Have sex more often.
  • Compete in something.
  • Aim to have 8 hours sleep a night.
  • Minimise/manage your personal stress levels.
Now to discuss the female sex hormone oestrogen. In females oestrogen plays an essential role in the growth and development of secondary sexual characteristics whilst regulating the menstrual cycle. Other functions effects cause increases to the fat stores around the hips and chest. The female sex hormone is also present in all males in lower levels. These average levels have recently increased due to environmental factors and because of modern food production techniques.
Therefore, if your want to lose fat you need to ensure you’re oestrogen levels are ‘regular’.
Here are some ways to keep oestrogen levels healthy:
  • Try to eat organic, grass fed, and wild caught fish.
  • Avoid drinking or eating out of plastic.
  • Avoid drinking beer.
  • Detox your liver to improve oestrogen removal.
If you suspect your testosterone levels are ‘low’ and you oestrogen levels are ‘high’ then try some of the tips above and hopefully your levels will get back to where they should ideally/naturally be.
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