Monday, 11 December 2017


What’s the biggest stumbling block in training? A poorly designed programme? Injuries? Lack of education and advice? 
No – it is definitely life!
You can buy a glossy magazine with a brand new routine in it. You can watch people training like beasts on social media for motivation. You can order all the latest gym gear.
But what happens when your alarm goes off at 6am and you're due to train? Your new gym leggings aren't going to get you out of bed.
What happens when you follow a new diet plan? The fitness model in the magazine isn't going to cook your meals. They aren't going to pop to the supermarket with you. That's your job.
When you're driving home from work. It's dark. It's wet. You live in England!
Your friends are at the pub or you'd rather watch the game on TV. Those guys in the social media videos have disappeared. They haven't packed your gym bag. They aren't sitting in the back seat of your car motivating you. It's all down to you.
THE WORST THING in training and life in general is motivation. It is WEAK. It is far too easy to be unmotivated. 
I'm like anyone. I love a little motivational video to get pumped up. I just never rely on it.

Some people are always seeking motivation - "I just wish I was motivated to train", as if someday that will just magically change. For some it does, but not many. The only thing that gets you anywhere in training and in life is DISCIPLINE.

Discipline is the difference between what you want now and what you want most. So, when the alarm goes off at 6am, what you want NOW is another hour in bed. However, what you want MOST is to lose body fat. So, get up and train!

Remember, your mind will always try to demotivate you. How many running conversations do you have in your own head about not wanting to go to the gym? 

Those conversations are simply nonsense! 

I'm too tired... Nonsense

I haven't eaten right today… Nonsense

I'm sore from yesterday's session… Nonsense

We all know if we really had to go, we would. Nobody has ever gone to the gym and said they regretted working out.

So, remember, NO MOTIVATION. Just discipline for your path to success.

Also, forget waiting for a perfect situation to start training. Forget waiting to feel great or energetic before going to the gym. Do it regardless. People I know who are in great shape just show up. When I ask them how their workout was, more often than not they answer, "pretty average". Average, completed consistently gets you a long way! 

The fitness industry sells many secrets. The secret to good abs. The secret to bigger arms, or a smaller waist. How to look good, feel great, and in the minimum time.

The fitness industry sells a dream. You'll get the body you've always wanted and they make it sound so easy. 

What they don't tell you is you'll have that nagging voice telling you to take a day off, train lighter, leave early or to stay in bed.

Remember, training should be the fun bit. Work hard, have fun, enjoy movement.