Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Just show up!

The hardest part of a workout is often getting through the door. On certain days, it feels like a constant battle with that inner voice. "Don't go", " You've had a long day", "Why not go tomorrow?".
Now if you really don't feel like training, another rest day can actually be productive. Otherwise, don't give in to those voices!

The best thing you can do in this situation is to simply show up. I appreciate that this is easier said than done. However, try and break down your journey to the gym and the start of your workout, into small chunks.

Make sure you leave your kit in the car. Don't go home after work. You'll find other jobs you need to do, or the lure of the sofa may be too much! In a situation where you really don't fancy training, try not to think about the workout at hand. Get to the gym and get warmed-up. Don't focus on anything apart from this. Then move on to your first exercise. By this time, the hard work is done. You will no doubt be in full swing before you know it. If you are having an 'off day', simply adjust the intensity of your workout. You are better off doing a slightly easier workout and maintaining that habit of showing up. Remember, every session counts.

The same applies in the morning. This gets increasingly more difficult when it's dark. If you are planning to wake up early for a workout before the start of your day, it is very easy to hit the snooze button instead. This is when you have to be strong! Again, break it down into chunks. Get up, get ready, go, warm-up, train! Get everything prepped the night before. Not having to think too much is always a bonus in the morning, allowing you to concentrate on the job at hand.

See you in the gym :)

Monday, 19 October 2015

Try this

Here is a circuit training workout from a Personal Training session of mine:

1) 5 minute cardio warm-up.

2) Bodyweight warm-up of press-ups x 30 seconds, TRX Rows x 30 seconds and squats x 30 seconds (twice through).

3) The circuit was based around a pyramid of exercises, finishing back where we started:

500 Metre row at level 7
800 Metre run at 1% incline
30 Bodyweight walking lunges (15 per side and alternate)
20 Kettlebell two-handed shoulder presses (a weight you can just about manage 20 with)
15 Squat jumps
10 Sit-ups
15 Squat jumps
20 Kettlebell two-handed shoulder presses
30 Bodyweight walking lunges
800 Metre run at 1% incline
500 Metre row at level 7

Cool-down for 3-5 minutes with a slow walk followed by a stretch.
Time yourself in section 3. Then do this workout once a week for 4 weeks, looking to improve your time each week. Make sure your technique is good and you work hard!


Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Consistency wins everytime

Here's a tip to be successful with any training programme. Be consistent. Choose a training routine that fits around you and your lifestyle.

For example, we have a goal in mind or we've had a break from the gym. We are motivated to train so we do as much as we can. Eventually we can’t keep up the pace and find it difficult to maintain this new routine with our busy schedules. We then stop.

Instead do less. Start slowly and gradually build up the amount of sessions you train as well as the intensity. This builds confidence and with this comes consistency. Being realistic and doing slightly less but on a regular basis, is a better option than burning out.

So when a celebrity publishes their 2-hour workout, that they do daily, don't strive to match this. They may not have children or work shifts. At the same time, they may have a 5-million dollar movie contract to get in shape for! This would drive any of us! But it's not long-term. We are all individuals and should train with a plan based around our needs.


My top 5 foods!

1) Eggs – One of the best sources of protein. A study once showed that those who ate eggs in the morning ate 20% less calories over the course of the day.

2) Salmon – Another great source of protein as well as plenty of Omega 3 fatty acids.

3) Avocados – More essential fats in these, alongside many other fantastic nutrients.

4) Nuts – A handful of nuts between meals keeps me sane, especially when blood sugar levels are dropping dangerously low!

5) Rice – A great source of carbohydrate pre or post exercise. Go for wholemeal or brown rice to increase your fibre intake.

Tuck in! Oli.