Saturday, 4 February 2012

5 Fat Loss Tips to Kick Start the New Year

1.       Plan, Plan, Plan and do some more Planning
Make sure you know what you are going to eat tomorrow, the next day and the next day.
“He, who fails to plan, plans to fail.” Do not rely on your will power planning is a far more effective tool to ensure you succeed!

2.       Scenarios contemplation
Write a list of any upcoming evening events, nights out, dinner parties and weddings you have planned over the next two months that may interfere with your healthy eating regime (some may be fictional hypothetical scenarios) Try to foresee how you could deal with each situation/write down how you would deal with the potential/planned scenario.
E.g. your work colleagues invite you out for a spontaneous Chinese after work. If I’m invited out for a meal I will……
A) Eat before I go out and choose a small healthy option
B) Phone up the restaurant in advance and find out what healthy dishes they have
C) Not go
If you have thought about every possible scenario then you will know what to do before             the event is even arranged. This may seem excessive but it is well worth it and will help reinforce sensible choices without having to think about them when any scenario arises.
3.       Eat clean
Avoid consuming alcohol, caffeine and sugar and processed foods. When you go to the supermarket make sure your stuffing your trolley with fresh fruit, vegetables, lean meats (chicken/turkey/seafood). Avoid anything packaged and focus on home cooking, if it’s not natural steer clear.  Cook and prepare food for the next day when needed and doubling up when making meals can provide and ideal meal for the following day. No excuses, this is one very important step needed in getting you the fat loss results you want.

4.       Regular Workouts
Vary your workouts and try to train a minimum of four times per week. By including Endurance sessions, Intervals sessions and fartlek training on the cardio kit you will keep your body working hard whenever you walk in. Include body weight resistance work as well to help recruit many muscles when exercising and improving core strength and your metabolism!

5.       Believe in yourself
Believe you can get to where you want to be. Use this motivation to help you stick to the above steps and get the success you want!

For more help/motivation with your fat loss goals please speak to or email
Daniel Byrne:
Tonbridge School Centre Personal Trainer

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