Sunday, 17 July 2011

Press Ups

Press Ups, when performed properly, are one of the best exercises to help train upper body strength and endurance. Contrary to popular belief the muscles used when performing a press up are not limited to solely the chest (pectoral muscles) but include triceps (back of upper arm), deltoids (shoulder), serratus anterior (torso underneath arm), and the abdominals as a whole.
Press up Technique

1) Start with hands directly below shoulders and situated slightly wider than shoulder width apart.
2) Contract abdominals and gluteus rotating pelvis and finding Neutral Spine.
3) Lower the body so shoulders and hips stay at the same level as when starting, bringing the elbows out away from the body.
4) Return to start position ensuring hips rise at the same time as the shoulder and do not trail.
There are many different ways to perform press up and once you have mastered the “normal” technique it opens doors to a whole host of varied and progressive exercises. These in turn begin to incorporate other muscular groups and further increase the strain on the original muscles being used.
Knee Push Ups
Press up and rotate
Resistance Band Press Ups
Close Grip/Diamond Press Ups
Decline Press Ups
Spider man Press Ups
Hindu Press Ups
Cross touch Press Ups
Shuffle Push Ups
Side to Side Press ups
Circular Press ups
Plyometric Clap Press Ups
Leg out Press Ups
Back Rotation Press Ups
One Armed Press Ups
One Armed One Legged Press Ups

When You Have Mastered the “Normal” Press Up ask any of member of the fitness team for more details on some great fun alternatives and see what good combinations you can put together.

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