Thursday, 7 July 2011

Holiday workouts

I'm a big believer in taking a break from training while on a vacation. Scheduling a weeks rest into your training plan can give you something to work hard towards. However, this holiday I have felt good and the weather has been kind to me. So I made use of the kettlebell I brought with me and some good old fashioned bodyweight exercises. I don't do enough of this stuff so the change was as good as a rest.

Day One:

Kettlebell swings 5 x 20 - warm up
Kettlebell cleans 2 x 10 per arm
Kettlebell press 2 x 10 per arm
Kettlebell rows 2 x 20 per arm
Ketlebell floor press 2 x 15 per arm
kettlebell towel bicep curls 2 x 15 - I pull a towel through the handle and hold this for bicep curls
Handstand pushups x maximum
Pullups 2 x maximum
kettlebell halo 10 per side
Pushups x 100 as quick as possible in as many sets necessary
Kettlebell carries around garden as a finisher

Day two:

Kettlebell swings 5 x 20 - warm up
Ketlebell goblet squat x 20 + Burpees x 10 - 2 sets
Kettlebell prisoner squat x 20 + squats jumps x 10 - 2 sets
kettlebell lunges 2 x 20 + lunge jumps 2 x 20 - 2 sets
Single leg kettlebell deadlift 2 x 10 per side
Single leg glute raises 2 x 15 per side (foot on chair)
Bodyweight squats x 100 as quick as possible in as many sets necessary
Calf raises up against wall 3 x 100 (fast pace)

Day three:

20 minutes bare-foot run on beach.

I am holidaying in Norfolk, so I have the luxury of sticking a kettlebell in the boot of the car. If you are going abroad and feel the need to workout, then your bodyweight can act as one of the most effective training tools going.

My bum, inner thighs and calves are still really sore from the leg workout. This was mainly due to the plyometrics, high rep squats, glute raises and all the other bodyweight moves. I will be adding this into my regime on my return!

Please come and see a member of the fitness team for your holiday routine!


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