Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Example five day split

Sets/RepsMondayWTuesdayWWednesdayWThursdayWFriday W
2 x 10-12Lat Pull Down DB Press BB Squats Standin Press H Bicep Curls 
2 x 8-10(Pyramid) (Pyramid) (Pyramid) (Pyramid) Vs (4 x 6-12) 
1 x 6-8        H Tricep Ext 
2 x 10-12BB T-Bar IDB Press Leg Press Pull Overs Ez Bar Curls 
2 x 8-10(Pyramid) (Pyramid) (Pyramid) (Pyramid) Vs (4 x 8-12) 
1 x 6-8        L Tricep Ext 
3 x 12-15DB 1 Arm Row C Fly Leg Ext UR Row 1A Preachers 
3 x 12-15C Prone Fly Dip Leg Curl Lat Raises Vs (4 x 10-12) 
3 x 12-15IDB Curls L Tricep Ext Calf Raises Plate Press Tricep Kicks 
3 x 12-15Ez-Bar Curls Tricep Kicks Front Squats Burn Curls CG Press Ups 
2 x AMAPCG Chins CG Press Ups Squat Jumps Parellel  Chins Vs 
CG Chins 

One example of a five day split.
Quite a long work out and completeing all excercises maybe alot for a begginer or even amateur gym user.
Set weight so each exercise is done to failure and for any help with techniques ask a member of fitness team.

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