Thursday, 21 January 2016

Food for thought

Is this food bad for me? A question asked by many of us. You almost need to flip the question and ask whether or not it's good for you.

Many people in this day and age lack the proper nutrition to function well. They lack goodness in their diet.

So the next time you ask yourself that question, think about what your body can use from the food you have eaten. For example, what colour is it? If it's colourful, no doubt it's nutritious (I don't mean fruit pastilles!). Any veggies or fruit will give you a variety of goodness. Eat a selection of colours to benefit from a spectrum of nutrients.

Also, when isolating certain foods and asking yourself this question, we must return to the term 'moderation'. Not long ago I was asked if a bagel was bad. No, not if during the course of the day you have eaten plenty of whole foods. Have you eaten veggies, fruit, good sources of protein, fibrous carbohydrates and consumed plenty of water? If yes, then a bagel is fine to add into the mix! If not, swap the bagel for some fruit and get the balance back in your body’s favour.

Stay healthy!

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