Tuesday, 29 May 2012

80:20 rule

A lot of people are all or nothing when approaching exercise and nutrition. However, consistency is the key. The saying "We are what we do consistently", couldn't be further from the truth in the training environment. When we train, our body makes tiny adaptions to the stimulus, if the stimulus is regular. Building muscle is a prime example. Micro-tears in the muscle will occur after doing resistance training. These repair and re-grow slightly stronger/larger.

If you want results, a gradual approach is often the winning way. If you train 5 days one week, 1 the next, then 4 days, then no sessions for 3 weeks, etc, it is difficult for your body to adapt, recooperate and move forwards. Training once or twice a week, consistently over time, will more than likely produce visual results.

Nutrition is very similar. Living like a saint one week and then eating takeaway every night the next is not a good way to go. I live by the 80:20 rule. Doing things well with my food 80% of the time and relaxing for the final 20%. Preparing good meals during the week and healthy snacks. I love using the routine of work to fall into a healthy eating pattern. Knowing where you are and at what time you can eat, means you can plan ahead. If you have a meal on the road at the weekend or a bithday celebration, etc, then this won't affect your progress because you have had a good week. We are what we eat. If you want to be lean, eat lean. Fish, good cuts of meat, salad, veggies, fruit, nuts.

Routine scares some people but in this game it really works. Get into the HABIT on a regular basis and you will see the changes!

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