Monday, 26 September 2011

Awareness - your biggest stumbling block to weightloss

The majority of us know what foods will help us lose weight. The majority of us know that we could also do a little extra exercise to help get the ball rolling. But some of us are completely unaware of how much we consume and are obliviuos to the fact that this could be completely stalling our fat-loss.

When I get people to fill out diet diaries (being as honest as possible!), I have seen people lose up to 4 pounds in a week! This is before we have even evaluated their diet and offered them some tips to get started!
I often ask people "what is a typical day like for you". The response I always get is "Porridge in the morning, salad for lunch and fish and veg in the evening". I then think to myself, now that's a diet you should be losing weight on. It's only when they fill out a diet diary, does the picture become clearer; biscuits, large pasta dishes, deserts twice a day, alcohol, no breakfast etc, etc. Everything becomes clearer to me but also to them.

I gaurantee that if you write down everything you eat for a week, you will lose weight (if this is your goal). Or you will realise why you aren't!

Another tool that a few clients and friends are using is an application on the Iphones called My Fitness Pal. This gives you a calorie target for the day (depending on your weight loss goals). You enter your food and then it works out your daily amount. I am not big on calorie counting. But I am big on being aware of what you eat.

Alternatively, have a note pad by your bed and fill this out at the end of the day, pull up a word document and fill this in at work, type it in your phone, etc. Start writing things down and you will notice a difference, instantly!


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