Thursday, 4 August 2011

Bootcamp Update

Our new Bootcamp classes have been going from strength to strength, quite literally, since there launch on 7th June. We now have around 10-15 participants at each session which has made for a great atmosphere and there is still more than enough equipment-and indeed space- to continue this growth over the coming months.

Despite the relatively intense reputation of Bootcamps nationwide, both in terms of the outdoor exposure and the nature of the exercises performed, the sessions have been well-recieved by a varied range of our members and both of our instructors (Graham Green on Tuesdays and Emma Cotton on Thursdays) have done an excellent job of providing fun and diverse workouts suitable for all ages and abilities.

Often run in circuit-format, the Bootcamps offer a range of both cardio-vascular and resistance based exercises (and more than often the two disciplines combined!) which makes for a total body workout to compliment any regime.

So even if you don't think flipping tyres or dragging large chains is your cup of tea, why not give it a go and see if Grham and Emma can convince you otherwise!


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